Alex Athans digital resume 10/ 2021

My previous work history and education have given me many opportunities to meet various professionals, providing me with valuable experiences and an extensive knowledge base.  I have excellent computer skills, good communication skills, and the ability to analyze and absorb technical information rapidly. I am always looking for new ventures. Especially, those that have educational opportunities. Whether its research, product development, or learning from a mentor, I highly value these experiences. Knowledge must be passed down and preserved! I consider myself to be a dynamic problem solver, a leader and a follower. I don’t quit and I get the job done. I am vaccinated, I have had both Pfizer vaccine shots.

Employment HistoryDigital-Affects ServicesClasses taught at Florida State College
College CurriculumCertifications and LicensesRecent Educational Classes
Educational ExperienceiOS Developer Knowledge & Skill SetSelf Education Digital Marketing and Sales

I graduated from the University of Florida, awarded the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering Sciences. While pursuing my degree, I worked at UF’s CIRCA Computer Labs, helping students with their assignments and supervising computer labs. I have programming experience and digital marketing experience. I learned iOS development for a new media platform and wrote the uQuitSmoking Program. I educated myself on social media marketing to promote my program. I taught weeknights and on the weekend, as an adjunct professor at Florida State College of Jacksonville. The best way to learn is to teach!

Classes taught at Florida State College

Presentations and Lectures in PDF format

After realizing the value of marketing, I started Digital Affects. It was very clear, new media devices and social media networking sites were here to stay. Your digital presence as a business is critical for sales, marketing, and customer retention purposes. Small businesses could finally afford great marketing campaigns. A business website presenting products and services with knowledge presented in Blog posts and product demo videos, became the norm.

Digital-Affects Services

Website DesignSearch Engine OptimizationWordPress CMS
Mobile Device OptimizationiPhone & iPad AppsMedia Productions
Facebook AdsBing & Yahoo AdsGoogle Adwords & Analytics
Email Marketing & A/B TestingCopyright ServicesCopy & Proofing Services
Brand DevelopmentSocial Media MarketingiBooks

I have been working on Datsun 240z’s my whole life. My first eBay store, was created to sell used and new parts for Datsun/Nissan Z cars. Subsequently, I have developed new products and kits to help people restore their Datsun 240z’s. I started selling computer components and opened my 2nd eBay store, Digital Assets. I would purchase lots of returned computer components from major online retailers. I would then test and repair these components and sell them on my Digital Assets storefront. Covid forced me to close Digital Assets, because of sourcing problems. Fortunately, my Datsun 240z Restoration store sales increased, people were at home and working on their Z-cars. My products are sold worldwide, and have over 3000 customers. I am currently working on a new website, https://240z.Life and working on developing an AC kit.

As a small business owner, I understand the need to keep cost to a minimum in order to maximize profits. Most importantly, you must put out a quality product to retain your customers and always make your customers happy! I also know the value of marketing and sales, if they don’t know who you are and what you do, you won’t make the sale and no one gets paid. Currently, I am developing an e-commerce WordPress website and educating myself on
new Apple iOS API’s and learning Swift programming. I am looking for exciting opportunities in the automotive industry.

Employment History

2021 : iOS Development, Website Development, Social Media Marketing,
Brand Development, Graphics and Print Layout
2021 : Datsun 240z Website
2021 – 2014Datsun240z-Restoration Info : eBay store
2019 – 2015eBay store : Digital Assets
2018 – 2015Adjunct Professor Florida State College
2018 – : iOS Development, Website Development, Social Media Marketing,
Brand Development, Print and Graphics Layout
2013 – 2011Developer of the uQuitSmoking Program iOS App and Website
2009Aflac Insurance Agent 
2008 – 1998Webmaster and Warehouse Manager : MasterFit Golf, Ltd.
1998 – 1996Compliance / Enforcement Engineer for the Industrial Wastewater section of the
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
1996 – 1994CIRCA Lab Senior Operator : UF Center for Instructional and Research Computing Activities
1996 – 1995Assistant Scuba Diving Instructor : University of Florida Academic Dive Program
1993 – 1996General Maintenance : Cozumel Apartments
1993 – 1988Mechanic and Bodyman : Jacksonville Imported Autoparts

College Curriculum

Calculus 1B
Calculus 2A
Calculus 3A
Differential EquationsA
Statistics and ProbabilitiesA
Physics 1C
Physics 2A
Chemistry 1C
Chemistry 2B+
Chemistry 2 Qualitative Analysis A
Biology 1B
Computer Programming FortranA
Elements of Electrical EngineeringB
Engineering Mechanics StaticsB
Computer Assisted DraftingC+
Technical Writing and Business CommunicationsB
Engineering Mechanics DynamicsD
Material Sciences C+
Thermodynamics C+
Computational Methods for EngineersC
Basic Surveying and MappingC+
Hydraulic System DesignC
Water and Wastewater EngineeringC+
Water and Wastewater Engineering 2C+
Elements of Atmospheric Pollution ControlC+
Air Pollution Control DesignB
Solid Waste ManagementB
Hazardous Waste ManagementB+
Environmental Biology 1C
Environmental Biology 2B
Environmental Resource ManagementC+
Environmental Carbon ChemistryC
Water ChemistryC
Final Design Courses
Water Analysis C+
Concepts of Wastewater TreatmentB
Waterwater System DesignC+
Additional Classes
Openwater 1 Scuba Diving A
Advanced Scuba DivingS (B+)
Scientific DivingS (A)
Scuba Diving Leadership (Assistant Instructor Openwater 1)S (A)
Psychology A
Political Science State and Local Government C
English Composition 1C
English Composition 2C
Freshmen Core History 1B
Freshmen Core History 2B
Enjoyment of MusicC
Awarded Associate of Arts Degree University of North Florida Summer 1992
Awarded Environmental Engineering Science Degree University of Florida 12/16/1995

Educational Experience

Wastewater Systems Design Senior projects included:

  • Wastewater collection system for residential community
  • Pump Station Design (3 Stations alternating online)
  • Wastewater Characteristics and Flow Predictions
  • 10 Million Gallons per Day Conventional Mixed Activated Sludge Wastewater treatment plant with Methane Recovery

Concepts of Wastewater Treatment Senior Design topics included:

  • Flow Equalization
  • Chemical Precipitation
  • Grit Chambers
  • Gas Exchange
  • Sedimentation
  • Filtration 
  • Sewer Corrosion and Disinfection
  • Trickling Filters
  • Activated Sludge
  • Pilot Plant
  • Sludge and Effluent Disposal

Water and Wastewater Analysis Design Elective included:

  • Environmental Laws and Regulations
  • Water Quality Criteria and Standards
  • Laboratory techniques, including GCMS.

iOS Developer Knowledge & Skill Set

Currently, getting up to speed on new API’s and Swift 5.0+, pursuing Apple’s iOS Developer with Swift Certification.

Developer of uQuitSmoking Program for iOS, on App Store 2012 – 2015

App is no longer on App Store, Apple pulled it from lack of updates. I plan on updating app soon!
Website, has app tutorial and the program in webpage format, with PDF download.

Project Management 

Research, Conceptualization, Wire-Framing & User Interface Design, Coding, Building, Archiving, Simulation Testing, Device Testing, Debugging, Optimization, Application Submission, Application Refinement

Developer Resource Management / iTunes Connect Management

Development & Production Certificates , Identifiers, Device Provisioning Profiles, App IDs, Device Assignment, Development & Distribution Provisioning Profiles, App Store App Management

Developer Tools – Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments

Frameworks and APIsCore Audio, Core Image, Core Video, AV Foundation, Media Player, Assets Library, Core Data, Core Animation, UIKit, UIViewController,  Error Handling, Popovers

Apple iOS Development Education

  • Your First iPhone App
  • Your Second iPhone App
  • iPhone iOS Programming Guide
  • iOS Development Guide
  • iTunes Connect Developer Guide
  • Instruments User Guide
  • Interface Builder User Guide
  • Xcode Source Management Guide
  • Memory Management & Whats new in ARC
  • Xcode Workspace Guide and Program Management Guide
  • UI View Programming Guide & Class Reference
  • View Controller Programming Guide
  • Core Audio & Video Programming Guide
  • Core Animation Programming Guide & Class Reference
  • Animation Types and Timing Programming Guide
  • Quartz 2D
  • Swift

Self Education Digital Marketing and Sales

Understanding Marketing – Traditional marketing education and techniques

25 Sales Habits – Salesmanship skills 

Eating the Big Fish – Brand development

The Art of Negotiating – Business negotiating skills

How to Master the Art of Selling – Selling Skills

HTML5 – Website design

CSS3 – Website design

The Social Media Bible – Social media marketing education

The Fusion Marketing Bible – Combining traditional marketing and social media marketing

Professional WordPress – Development of WordPress websites, themes, plug-ins and security

WordPress Themes & Plugins – Application and development of WordPress themes and plug-ins

Web 360 – Fundamentals of web success for businesses

Google Analytics & Adwords– Analysis of website traffic and digital marketing campaigns

The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing – Email marketing techniques

Recent Educational Classes

UNF Welding and Metal Fabrication
UNF Sculpture 1
Florida State College Transmissions and Differentials

Certifications and Licenses

  • 1996 YMCA Assistant Scuba Instructor
  • 1996 Awarded Engineer Intern Certificate – EIT Cert.  #  49ET012
  • 2009 Certified Life, Heath, and Variable Annuity Agent License # P181339
  • 2009 Security Officer Class “D” License
  • Currently working on Apple iOS development with Swift Certification and Google Analytics Certification

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