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My Z car Family

My father originally purchased a 1972 240z. My fondest memory when I was a child was riding in “Betsy”. We would often just drive around rocking out to the sounds of the 70’s. I remember the sound the door made when closing, today it still triggers the fondest memories! My father fell so in love with the Datsun 240z, he purchased a new one for my brother when he was 18. I loved riding in his 240z, he had a L28 block and a Monza exhaust system.
He drove fast and the car sounded real COOL! You could hear him from miles away.

Unfortunately, “Betsy” was totaled in a T-Bone accident in 1976. I was lucky, I was dropped off at daycare minutes before the accident. I don’t think a week went by before my father bought a new Datsun 240z, Betsy’s spirit and name were transferred to the new lady in the Z car family.

1972 Datsun 240z Series 2 "Betsy"
1972 Datsun 240z Series 2 “Betsy”
1971 Datsun 240z Series 1 “Foxy Lady”

When I turned 16, my father gave me “Betsy”. She wasn’t new off the showroom floor, but she had a new paint job and new seats. In High School, I took auto shop for 2 years. One of the best memories in my teen age years, was doing the brakes on “Betsy”, my father was so proud of me. Of course, I had to upgrade the stereo and tint the windows! She was my pride and joy!

I started working on Z cars when I was 17. I managed to get a job at an automotive parts business that also had a used car business. I was restoring Z cars and Volkswagons. I was making $5 and hour, I think minimum wage was $3.45! Man, I loved that job! I subsequently learned body work and painting.
Well…Zcars are in my blood to say the least!

Please click on “Foxy Lady” above for more pics and Restoration Blog

I have made several products to help you restore your Datsun 240z. An easy to use kit at an affordable price.
Im not trying to get rich, my goal is to keep the legendary Datsun 240z on the road forever! Yes, I am a 240z guy.
But I love all Z cars and will help anyone trying to keep them on the road.

My extended family of Z car buddies grows every day!

I thank my father and brother for great z car times and memories and all my z car friends and my customers. It brings me GREAT JOY! when someone thanks me for my products I have developed to restore there Datsun 240z cars. Helping you keep your Datsun 240z on the road.

Thanks everyone! Alex

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