Wiring Harness Rebuild Services

There are 3 main harnesses for the 240z. The engine Bay, dash, and body harness.

The Engine Bay Harness starts under passenger dash goes through firewall into engine bay.
The Dash Harness starts under the passenger dash and feeds entire dash.
The Body Harness starts under passenger dash and feeds rear of car.

Over time the connectors become brittle and the connectors oxidize. The engine bay harness usually has paint overspray on the headlights, fog lights and blinker connectors.

Harness rebuild procedure includes:

  • Remove old harness loom tape
  • Remove paint overspray from wires
  • Replace terminals and connectors
  • Full harness continuity testing
  • Wrap harness will new loom tape

Everyone is very pleased with my work and can’t believe how great the newly rebuilt harness looks. As long as the harness does not have a major short to ground with severely melted wires, I can rebuild it! If you don’t have a good core, send me your production date and I will see if I have a used harness I can rebuild for you. I prefer to look at pics of your harness to give you an accurate estimate. Please send pics to alex@240z.life

Engine Bay Harness rebuild labor starts at $700

Dash Harness rebuild labor starts at $800

Body Harness rebuild labor starts at $400

I rebuild other harnesses, please contact for estimate. Shipping costs are minimal.
I do not currently have the colored 10 terminal connectors. I replace terminals and clean up existing connectors.
Rubber boots are reconditioned.

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