Restoration Kits

These are kits I have created to help restore your 240z. Click on Product image for more details.

Fuel and Vapor Hose Kits

My kits are made for all Datsun 240z’s. I sell 3 kits. An engine bay hose kit, a fuel tank & vapor hose kit, and a complete kit that includes all hoses for your Datsun 240z.  I use the highest quality hose and stainless steel marine grade hose clamps! I offer harness rebuild services

Electrical Harness Rebuild kits

I put these kits together to help you restore your wiring harnesses. 

Engine Bay Harness starts under passenger dash goes through firewall to engine bay.
Dash Harness starts under the passenger dash and feeds entire Dash
Body Harness starts under passenger dash and feeds rear of car.

New Product: Datsun Nissan 280z 280ZX EFI Electronic Fuel Injection Connector Kit

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